After the Rain update 2

We’re creeping up slowly on $2000 in donations, which makes me pleased and proud. Donations have slowed right down now that the flood crisis has settled somewhat (in Queensland at least – or, at least, now the media have found other things of interest!), but they are still trickling in, and the cleanup in many areas will be slow and long. I’m so grateful to everyone who has supported, by donating and/or by transmitting the signal! Very much appreciated.

I’ve just made the second transfer of donations to the Queensland Flood Relief Appeal. For transparency, the receipt is below. I’ve now put through $1500 in total, and will probably not finalise the rest until February 15. Unless there’s a sudden rush on donations! 🙂

You’re welcome to donate via my original blog post, or both Wizard’s Tower Books (thanks Cheryl Morgan) and Weightless Books (thanks Gavin Grant) are kindly accepting donations as well.

Again, thanks everyone who has contributed!

Tax Receipt
Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal
ABN 69 689 161 916
PO Box 15185 CITY EAST QLD 4002

Date / time:    2011-01-22T18:14:26-08:00

Customer: Mrs Tehani Wessely
Organisation: FableCroft Publishing on behalf of donations received

Title: Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal
Agency: Department of the Premier and Cabinet
Amount Ex GST: $800.00
GST: $0.00
Total Amount: $800.00

Total (excl. GST): $800.00
Total GST amount paid: $0.00
Total amount paid (incl. GST): $800.00