Insert Title Here

ITH CoverInsert Title Here, edited by Tehani Wessely

ISBN: 9780992553418 (print)

ISBN: 9780992553425 (ebook)

Print RRP: $24.95

Ebook RRP: $9.99

April 2015

Insert Title Here the [date redacted] of the [year redacted], [names redacted] of the [organisation redacted] discovered a hidden text that documented realities other than our own.

Dark, weird realities.

Within these pages they discovered monuments to a dying alien race, sentient islands caught like fish, a tree that grows pencils, a baby transformed into a hummingbird, and a steampunk Maori whaling crew.

They were afraid, as you should be afraid. They saw life, death and the space between; metamorphosis, terrible choices and bitter regrets.

[Names redacted] looked into the abyss, and what they saw within was nameless and terrible.

This is that book.

Enter if you dare.

<<Insert Title Here>>

2B by Joanne Anderton
Oil and Bone by Dan Rabarts
Almost Days by DK Mok
Collateral Damage by Dirk Flinthart
Her Face Like Lightning by David McDonald
Empty Monuments by Marissa Lingen & Alec Austin
Beyond the Borders of All He Had Been Taught by Alan Baxter
Circa by Caitlene Cooke
Living in the Light by Sara Larner
Always Another Point by Alexis Hunter
Footprints in Venom by Robert Hood
Salvatrix by Marianne de Pierres
Ministry of Karma by Ian Creasey
Reflections by Tamlyn Dreaver
Sins of Meals Past by Matthew Morrison
The Final Voyage of Saint Brendan by Tom Dullemond
One Who Knows by Darren Goossens
The Last Case of Detective Charlemagne by Kathleen Jennings
The Winter Stream by Daniel Simpson
The Falcon Races by Thoraiya Dyer
The Art of Deception by Stephanie Burgis



Cover design by Amanda Rainey


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