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Tour Stops

Cranky Ladies of History: the crowd-funding campaign

Tansy: Prelude to a crowd-funding

FableCroft: Kicking off the Tour – the Night Witches

Tansy: Cranky Ladies of History are GO

The History Girls: Cranky Ladies of History

Faith Mudge: Let’s Have A Rousing Discussion About Truth, Dragons and Historically Authentic Sexism

Sue Bursztynski: Margaret Bulkley, Dr Barry

Lee Battersby: Charlotte Corday

Joyce Chng: Leizu

Laura Lam: The Lioness of Brittany, Jeanne de Clisson

Lyn Battersby: Watch out! A cranky lady resides here

Ann Martin via FableCroft: Lottie Lyell (Australian film frontier-woman!)

Tansy Rayner Roberts via Champagne and Socks: History, fiction and cranky ladies

Tansy Rayner Roberts: Cranky Ladies, Horrible Histories & Mary Seacole

Joan Lennon via History Girls: Mary Anning in my mind

Dianne Touchell: Let’s talk about sex baby (Josephine Butler)

Kaia Landelius: Queen Margareta of Sweden

Benjamin T Smith: Joan of Arc

Narrelle M Harris: Euphemia Allen and “Chopsticks”

Tansy Rayner Roberts via SF Signal: Let’s talk about Cranky Ladies

Sylvia Kelso: Lilian Cooper, MD, FRACS: Writing a Cranky Lady in History, One

Elanor Matton-Johnson: Lady Jane Grey

Alex Pierce: The Pankhurst Women

Bess Lyre via FableCroft: Khadija

Juliet Marillier via FableCroft: Hildegard of Bingen

Liz Barr: Janet Kincaid

Kaia Landelius: Queen Kristina of Sweden

ABC News Online: Cranky Ladies article! 

Gillian Polack via FableCroft: Helen Leonard

Narrelle M Harris: Lola Montez and the arts of beauty

Pamela Freeman: Lores Bonney

Tehani Wessely: Australian Children’s Authors of History

Mary-Louise Jensen via The History Girls: Aphra Behn

Katherine Roberts via The History Girls: Time and Boudica’s Daughters

Elizabeth Fremantle via The History Girls: Katherine Parr – Character, Courage and Commitment

Nicky Strickland: Boudicca

Alex Pierce & Tehani Wessely: Galactic Chat

Penny Dolan: The Book of Bossy Girls

Theresa Breslin via The History Girls: Cranky Old Lady

Celia Rees via The History Girls: Fight for the Right – Emily Davison and the Internet

NM Harris: Julie d’Aubigny aka La Maupin

Tansy Rayner Roberts via The History Girls: Sulpicia

LM Myles: 10 great military leaders, probably cranky ones

Tehani via Stephanie Burgis: Henry Handel Richardson

Bess Lyre via FableCroft: Tarenorerer

SF Signal included us in their crowdfunding roundup!

Kaaron Warren via Gillian Polack: Dr Emma Constance Stone

Aidan Doyle: Sei Shonagan

Jason Nahrung via Gillian Polack: Emilie Louise Flöge

Alex Isle via Gillian Polack: Mary Read (and Anne Bonney)

Jason Franks via Gillian Polack: Celia Franca

RJ Barker via Gillian Polack: Margaret of Anjou

Carrie Vaughn via Gillian Polack: Lilia Litviak and Ekaterina Budanova

Elizabeth Chadwick via The History Girls: Empress Matilda, having the right to be cranky

Marianne de Pierres via FableCroft: Jean d’Orléans 

Becky Ferreira via Motherboard: Émilie du Châtelet (how cool is it how many cranky ladies posts out there, even when they aren’t written just for us?!)

Kaia Landelius: More Swedish cranky ladies!

Kathleen Jennings: our artist starts thinking about Cranky Ladies

Octavia Cade: cranky and silent – Lina Stern

Sylvia Kelso: Lilian Cooper and Josephine Bedford

Amanda Pillar: Hatshepsut

Elanor Matten-Johnson: the personal note, Jemima Heron

Deidre Tronson via FableCroft: Lise Meitner

Clare Mulley via The History Girls: Four sisters

Satima Flavell via Gillian Polack: Mary Gledhill

Laura Goodin via Gillian Polack: Anne Hathaway

Yaritji Green via Gillian Polack: Elyne Mitchell

Nicky Strickland via Gillian Polack: the Vestal Virgins

Tsana Dolichva via Gillian Polack: Emmy Noether

Tamara Mazzei via Gillian Polack: Louise McPhetridge Thaden

Tehani: Cranky Ladies bits and bobs

Tehani: Australia’s literary cranky ladies 

Alex Pierce: Alexandra Kollontai

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