While things may have seemed rather quiet around these parts, we’re like the proverbial duck paddling – lots going on under the water!

  1. Liquid Gold, the second of Tansy Rayner Roberts’ Mocklore Chronicles, is on its way into the ether via Amazon, Kobo, Wizard’s Tower and Weightless Books – check it out at your preferred etailer!
  2. We’re delighted to announce we will be working with Glenda Larke to bring her Isles of Glory trilogy out in ebook – timeline isn’t firm yet, but The Aware will be out in the coming months.
  3. We’ve been working on this one for a while now, but we can now formally announce FableCroft’s first original novel, Path of Night by Dirk Flinthart, will be released in October in print and ebook editions. Think science fictional crime noir with a supernatural flavour and the usual Flinthart flair, and you’ll have an idea of what’s in store!

Another couple of projects underway that are not quite ready for sharing yet, but we’ll let you know as soon as we can!


New ebooks!

As promised, One Small Step and The Bone Chime Song and Other Stories are now available as ebooks. To make it easy to find your preferred format, I’ve created a new page on the site that links to the various places that all our ebooks books are available. Enjoy!