Announcement: Dirk Flinthart collection

Flinthart Author PhotoWe are very pleased to announce that we are currently working on a collection of short fiction by Dirk Flinthart, who readers of Australian spec fic will no doubt be familiar with.

Flinthart has written for many FableCroft projects, and in 2013 we published his original novel Path of Night; we are huge fans of his work and are delighted to be bringing you his debut collection.

His stories have been shortlisted for several national speculative fiction awards and his young adult piece, “Vanilla”, from Twelfth Planet Press’s Kaleidoscope anthology, recently won the Best Young Adult Short Story at the 2014 Aurealis Awards.

The as-yet untitled collection will comprise reprinted work from Flinthart’s extensive short fiction career, as well as several stories original to the book. We anticipate a release date in September 2015.

Some fans of Flinthart’s work may be hoping for some new Red Priest work – those fans will be somewhat disappointed, but only in the short term! We are not including the Red Priest stories in THIS book… Yes, you may read that to mean there will be a future project that expands on the Red Priest’s adventures, and we look forward to bringing it to you.

This year’s collection will focus on Flinthart’s stories for adult readers, and ranges across science fiction, fantasy and horror, with some wondrous and bizarre genre-bending ideas. From award-nominated horror and science fiction to new pieces of urban fantasy and SF and everything in between, Flinthart will take you on a wild and crazy ride – can’t wait to share it with you!

We are currently working on the final lineup and look forward to announcing it in the near future. In the meantime, want an idea of what you’re in for? Below is a semi-comprehensive bibliography of Dirk Flinthart’s publication history – would love to hear from anyone who as amendments or additions for the list! Please note this is NOT the table of contents for the collection! We’ll announce that as soon as we’ve figured out how to whittle down a huge and amazing list to a sensible number for the book!

Gaslight a go go AGOG! Smashing Stories
The Last Word 2012
One Night Stand AGOG! Ripping Reads
Eschaton and Coda After the Rain
The Fletcher Test Epilogue
Collateral Damage Insert Title Here
Outlines Damnation and Dames
The stars like candles ASIM 6
Parity Check ASIM 9
Fortitude Valley Station, 2:15am ASIM 18
Truckers ASIM 30
Walker Sprawl
The Flatmate from Hell Encounters
Granuaile Cranky Ladies of History
Sanction Amazon short
The Ballad of Farther-on Jones AGOG! Fantastic Fiction
Baited ??original publication? Was made into short film
Networking for Dummies The Workers’ Paradise
Once and Future King Darwin’s Evolutions (emag)
The Eighth Day Use Only As Directed
The Bull in Winter Bloodstones
Corpus Christi ASIM 11
Fairytale ASIM 12
Monochrome for two ASIM 20
Invictus ASIM 21
Head Shot ASIM 54
The Big One AGOG! Terrific Tales
The Red Priest’s Vigil ASIM 25
The Garden of the Djinn (Red Priest) ASIM 31
The Red Priest’s Homecoming ASIM 17
This is not my story ASIM 37
One Story, no refunds Shiny #6
The Best Dog in the World Worlds Next Door
Vanilla Kaleidoscope
Angel Rising (New Ceres) Novella
Debutante (New Ceres) New Ceres Nights
She Walks in Beauty (New Ceres) New Ceres #1