Wow! Target met and aiming for the stars!

We’re very excited about meeting our initial target for the In Your Face crowdfunding campaign, less than 12 hours after launching! We deliberately set a modest target, but would really love to reach out for our stretch goal of increasing the per word payment for each story. The current rate is 3 cents per word for original stories, capped at 5000 words – our first goal will be to extend the rate to the full word count of each story. From there, we would love to increase the rate per word higher, with the ultimate goal being the 6 cents per word advised by SWFA as pro rates.

We’re currently finalising reading of original works, and hope to be able to announce the provisional table of contents in the next few days.

If you would like to back the project, we have limited early bird reward levels at discounted rates for both ebook and print copies – get in quick to nab a great pre-order price!


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