Cranky Ladies of History Mothers’ Day Special

CLOH cover small“…a strong anthology…”

“…highly recommended…”

“The works run the gamut of straight historical to historical fantasy.”

“…a unique project…”

“…an important collection of fiction that gives voice to an extraordinary selection of women from a broad range of backgrounds, eras and cultures…”

“…full of stories of fascinating, powerful, determined, and yes, occasionally cranky women.”

“…the stories overall show the power of women…”

These are just some of the things people are saying about Cranky Ladies of History, and so many people we talk to have bought copies not just for themselves, but for other people in their lives. As Mothers’ Day approaches, we thought it a perfect time to offer a special deal!


The hardcover of the book is not available for general sale, but we have the opportunity to offer a VERY limited number of copies. If you are looking for something special for the cranky lady in your life (or gentleman – really, we don’t mind!), now is your chance. It’s one of the offers below. Another option? Nab a copy of the trade paperback and get the ebook sent to you free. Want more? Buy the Cranky Ladies of History trade paperback and get a copy of Phantazein for just $10. And one more – buy the Cranky Ladies of History trade paperback and for just $10 extra, receive ebook copies of Cranky Ladies, Phantazein and One Small Step.

This offer will run right up until Mothers’ Day, but if you want to gift a physical copy of the book, you will need to place the order by the end of April to guarantee delivery!


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