Backing a funded crowdfunding campaign

Cranky Ladies logoWe’re very fortunate to be in the exciting position of reaching our funding target with half the campaign still left to run, and some people might be wondering what use backing a campaign that has reached its target might be. There are lots of reasons to still be part of the crowdfunding that you might not know, so here are a few of them!

1. Exclusive rewards! Many of the Cranky Ladies campaign rewards are exclusive to the Pozible crowdfunding campaign. They will never be offered for sale in any other way, because we wanted something that made our backers special. For example, the Cranky Ladies of History 2015 calendar will be created by Tansy (mostly),  just for our backers — no other copies will be made available! The same goes for our art prints and the beautiful brollies at varying levels — exclusive stuff is cool!

2. Pre-ordering books is hugely helpful to boutique publishers — pre-orders help us decide on print runs and for boutique press, this is essential information. Even ebook pre-orders help us work out the interest in advance, and it’s all appreciated.

3. Being part of the story — I’m a geek in this way. We might not have quite the same coolness quotient that the Veronica Mars movie campaign or the Amanda Palmer Kickstarter, but it’s fun to be able to say, “I helped that happen” — just me? 🙂

4. Future-you will thank you! When the book arrives in your inbox/post box in February 2015, you can exclaim delightedly over it because it’s like a present from the past! Wait, that’s not just me too, is it?

5. Tansy and I both do little dances of joy when we get a new pledge — you can’t see it, but trust me, it happens!

The Cranky Ladies team of editors, authors and artist are hugely grateful for all the support the campaign has received, in pledges and signal-boosting, and can’t wait to bring this book to life — our backers have made that happen, and we thank you!