Cranky Ladies in the NEWS!

Cranky Ladies logoI managed to completely forget to post all the exciting media we’ve been getting! Partly that’s because I’ve been so darn busy this past two weeks, partly it’s because Tansy remembers to do all that over at her blog, partly it’s because I DO generally tweet and Facebook it, but I must put things here too!

First up was a little interview with ABC Radio Northern Tasmania, about 3.10pm last Tuesday afternoon. That warmed me up for a great chat with Rosanna Ryan from ABC News Online, who wrote the most wonderful article about our Cranky Ladies – I feel almost respectable having being quoted by the ABC News! That was followed by a spot on the Sydney 2UE radio night show on Friday, which was also great fun.

This week we’ve been interviewed for another newspaper article, which we think will see print on Monday next week – more details when we have them, but Kaaron Warren and I are having a real live photo shoot for it tomorrow morning!

And you know what? The Pozible campaign has reached 85% this evening! That’s so cool – thank you to all the amazing supporters and signal-boosters. You rock!

If  you would like to read about cranky ladies from the past, you might like to support our Pozible campaign, crowd-funding an anthology of short stories about Cranky Ladies of History from all over the world.


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