Unearthing Cranky Ladies everywhere

Cranky Ladies logoIt’s funny how when you’re aware of something, it suddenly seems to be EVERYWHERE. I suppose part of that is the fact it’s Women’s History Month, so maybe there’s a bit more prominence of women from the past being talked about, but it seems more than that! I’ve come across a few things in the last week that I wanted to link to here, because there really are a lot of great discussions out there about cranky ladies of history, and while our book is looking at things from a different perspective, anything that reminds people about these wonderful, eccentric, irascible and AWESOME women is good by me!

The Mary Sue wrote about Meryl Streep being in talks for a historical suffragette film, which sounds awesome.

Historian Clare Wright writes women back into history, with her book titled The Forgotten Rebels of Eureka (interview & review).

Tangentially related, but certainly of interest when you consider how often women are written out of history, this article from the Guardian, in which Mary Beard discusses the issue of women being told to “shut up” (from Homer to Twitter).

Well behaved women
Courtesy of @XOrdinaryWomen on Twitter

And don’t forget to check out the posts made so far as part of our Cranky Ladies of History blog tour – it’s fascinating to see who people are talking about!

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