Uppity Women of History

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I came across the book Uppity Women of the Renaissance in my school library on Friday and immediately went and looked up what else the author, Vicki Leon, had done in the field. Turns out there’s a whole BUNCH of books under the Uppity Women banner, and I reckon they fit right in with our Cranky Ladies of History!

photo 14000 years of Uppity Women (a kind of best of the series)

Uppity Women of the Renaissance

Uppity Women of Medieval Times

Uppity Women of Ancient Times

Uppity Women of the New World

Uppity Women of Ancient Greece

You might like to add it to your Cranky Ladies of History reading list, along with Bad Girls & Wicked Women by Jan Stradling, which I’ve posted in other places about before!



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  1. I read 4000 Years of Uppity Women last year. It was brilliant for me, as I like history but am easily bored by dry texts. I could read it in bite size pieces and be at turns amused and inspired by the uppity women dicussed.

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