One Small Step: addition to TOC

I’m delighted to exercise my right as a boutique publisher (who has the flexibility to do these sort of things), and announce an excellent addition to the Table of Contents to One Small Step, an anthology of discoveries! We’re very pleased that One Small Step will include an original Cat Sparks story, “Daughters of Battendown”. The TOC now shapes up as:

“Sand and Seawater” by Joanne Anderton & Rabia Gale

“Indigo Gold” by Deborah Biancotti

“Firefly Epilogue” by Jodi Cleghorn

“The Ways of the Wyrding Women” by Rowena Cory Daniells

“The ships of Culwinna” by Thoraiya Dyer

“Shadows” by Kate Gordon

“By Blood and Incantation” by Lisa L. Hannett & Angela Slatter

“Ella and the Flame” by Kathleen Jennings

“Original” by Penny Love

“Always Greener” by Michelle Marquardt

“Morning Star” by DK Mok

“Winter’s Heart” by Faith Mudge

“Cold White Daughter” by Tansy Rayner Roberts

“Baby Steps” by Barbara Robson

“Number 73 Glad Avenue” by Suzanne J Willis

“Daughters of Battendown” by Cat Sparks

I look forward to sharing these stories with you!