QWC writing courses (a public service announcement!)

Writing Science Fiction Short Story
Six-week course in July and October
Cost $150
Join one of Australia’s most successful authors of science fiction, fantasy and horror, Lee Battersby, for a journey through the fantastic art of the science fiction short story. Over six weeks you will learn how to build worlds, character, voice and mood in this challenging and rewarding form.

Kim Wilkins’ Year of the Novel led by Trent Jamieson
Year-long course starting August 2011
Cost $445
Challenge yourself to complete the ultimate writing journey in Kim Wilkins’ Year of the Novel under the tutelage of author of Dust, Christine Bongers. Christine will guide you through this course created by Kim Wilkins and help you get that manuscript finished in a year!

Pitching to Publishers with Tiana Templeman
Four-week course in October
Cost $150
This four-week course, starting 9 May, will show you how to push all the right buttons to attract a publisher’s eye. Discover what commissioning editors love and what they loathe.
From writing a captivating synopsis to deciding where to send it, learn about all facets of the proposal process for a range of writing including non-fiction, fiction, and children’s.

Introduction to Creative Writing
Six-week course in August and October
Cost $130
There are a lot of us out there who write, scribbling ideas on bus tickets, boarding passes and coffee shop serviettes, but who never seem to turn these notes into anything. If you have been scribbling away quietly but have never taken the leap to finish anything or call yourself a writer, clear a few hours a week in your schedule to sit down and rediscover the art of creative writing in this practice-based series of online activities and resources.

For more information on any of the courses, or to book your place, contact the Queensland Writers Centre!