Competition: win Way of the Wizard!

There’s a story behind this competition. Aaaaages ago I put The Way of the Wizard, an anthology edited by John Joseph Adams, on my Book Depository wish list. Then, in November, I had a bit of a book buying spree. And somehow, I managed to double order the book. Which was silly of me, but has a very good outcome for YOU. Because I thought, well, what will I do with TWO copies of this excellent anthology? And the answer was simple – give it away, of course!

It’s nearly Christmas, so for something festively related… To go in the draw, simply leave a comment telling us which author (living or dead – well, not DEAD, unless you like zombies, but you know, if that person was still alive…!) you would most like to come to Christmas dinner and why. Easy! Winner will be drawn randomly from all entries.

Competition closes December 24 (I have a fairly flexible definition on when the day ends, given there are people all over the world who might enter!) and I will draw the winner late Christmas Day. Open internationally, and will post by December 27.

Have fun!

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11 thoughts on “Competition: win Way of the Wizard!

  1. I ran this past Neil Gaiman in a dream last night, and he is such a gentleman that he’s not worried at all that it’s Christmas dinner as long as Amanda can come too and if we could squeeze in a Hava Negila that would be great, Oh, and if it was pushed back a bit so that it’s closer to Amanda’s gig in Perth on 4 February, that would cut down their travel time. They’d just hang around until she’s due to play. So it’s Neil for me, with the Amanda bonus but late, and his charm would totally put this pathetic fangirl at ease.

  2. Robert Bloch and Gahan Wilson. If there’s anyone who can give the Christmas festivities the completely sacrilegous lack of respect they deserve, it’s these two brilliant revellers in the ghoulish.

  3. This is not an easy question to answer but I think I would have to settle on Jasper Fforde as I suspect he is as utterly insane as I am.

  4. hmm… my first thought was Charles Dickens, so that I could ask him about meeting the Doctor and Rose, but I think Joan Aiken would be my choice, because I always meant to write to her and tell her how much I loved her stories – her children’s books, her thrillers, her historical novels – and being able to offer her Christmas dinner would be a tiny thank you for all the amazing characters and worlds she created.

  5. Easy Questions 🙂

    JK Rowling.


    I not only love Harry Potter series but I believe that she would be a fascinating person to talk to for a few hours. Because of her fame, she is intensely shy. Which is completely understandable.

    I think if I had a chance to hang out with her over xmas dinner I would get to see a side of her that is not her public persona. Oh! and I would get to talk to her about her books of course.

  6. I’d invite Mem Fox.
    Her books have enchanted me since I was knee high to a grasshopper, and with any luck, she’s be a better cook than me so I’d be able to palm of the roasting duties to her.

  7. Thanks for entering everyone! Congratulations Deborah, the winner drawn by Random Number Generator! I’ll be in touch to grab your postal address 🙂

    Have a lovely Sunday!

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