Coming soon from FableCroft and Tansy Rayner Roberts…

Ink Black Magic by Tansy Rayner Roberts is in the final stages of production here at FableCroft. Ink Black Magic is a Mocklore novel and we will be releasing it in ebook and paperbook very soon!

Kassa Daggersharp has been a pirate, a witch, a menace to public safety, a villain, a hero and a legend. These days, she lectures first year students on the dangers of magic, at the Polyhedrotechnical in Cluft.

Egg Friefriedsson is Kassa’s teenage cousin, a lapsed Axgaard warrior who would rather stay in his room and draw comics all day than hang out with his friends. If only comics had been invented.

Aragon Silversword is missing, presumed dead.

All the adventures are over. It’s time to get on with being a grownup. But when Egg’s drawings come to life, including an evil dark city full of villains and monsters, everyone starts to lose their grip on reality. Even the flying sheep.

Kassa and Egg are not sure who are the heroes and who are the villains anymore, but someone has to step up to save Mocklore, one last time. 

True love isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.
Happy endings don’t come cheap.
All that magic is probably going to kill you.
You really can have too much black velvet.

All this and more in the third and final adventure of The Mocklore Chronicles!

Liquid Gold Cover LASTI love that this book works very well as a standalone novel, but if you’re keen to find out more about Kassa and her past, you might like to start with Tansy’s first two books, Splashdance Silver and Liquid Gold, available for around $3.99 each from your preferred ebook retailer!

Splashdance Silver by Tansy Rayner Roberts Kindle / Kobo / Wizard’s Tower Books / Weightless Books

Liquid Gold by Tansy Rayner Roberts Kindle / Kobo / Wizard’s Tower Books / Weightless Books

Announcing the ebook release of “Splashdance Silver” by Tansy Rayner Roberts

Splashdance Silver CoverWe sometimes like to keep things under our hats here at FableCroft. This year we have a couple of very cool projects in the works, which we’re keeping secret until we can make big announcements. Like this one!

Tansy Rayner Roberts has been a FableCroft author since our first book, Worlds Next Door, and it’s with great pleasure we celebrate the re-release of her very first novel (first published in 1998), Splashdance Silver (book 1 of the Mocklore Chronicles)!

This is very exciting for us, as not only is the book fantastic fun to read, but it is the first step in a new direction for FableCroft. We look forward to sharing more of our projects with you!

You can read more about Splashdance Silver at Tansy’s blog here.

You can get your copy of Splashdance Silver for just $3.99 (USD) from Amazon, Wizard’s Tower Books or Weightless Books.